Wednesday, March 21, 2018



I missed out last week 
but I am back for the fun blog hop that WOYWW is 
(all details here)

My desk is pretty tidy for my being,
trying to set an example for my son you see 😉

What you see on my desk is the start on this week's Wanderlust lesson, layers of love.
This is only layer 1 so plenty more to go.

And of course my holder with last week's icads for the 365 challenge, 
still going strong, 
already on #77

                                    On a personal note, 
                            for those who are wondering, 
                       my knee is almost completely healed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


2 days overdue, 
but here are the next 7 icads in the series.

they are all done with collage and watercolours.

While working on them the theme suddenly emerged, 
birds and butterflies fly
and so do cherubs.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


If you've seen my blogposts this week you saw that I received my Kuretake watercolor set.
I am a newbie to watercolors so indexcards to the rescue,
they are just perfect to experiment with:

gradient with 1 color.
gradient with 2 colors.

salt sprinkling.

alcohol dripping.

plastic foil wrapping.

masking fluid drawing.

some fun with circles.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

turrets and watercolors

I was finally able to do Jamies class on watercolor and castles,
I had, yes had to,order a watercolor set, 
so I opted for this beautiful Kuretake box,
it took a few weeks to get to me, 
but, o boy, it was totally worth while the wait
just look how gorgous they are

I've never ever attempted any watercolor paintings
but I am very pleased with how my castle turned out.
I wanted to create a fairy castle
and the dreamy effect the watercolors create are a perfect fit.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


My desk hasn't seen much action lately

I've mentioned we had painters in to create a ceiling in the living room/dining room/kitchen and give the walls a new lick of paint meanwhile,
well they were surprisingly quick and they finished already on Friday,
which of course meant that the entire weekend was spent with moving everything back in.
Unfortunately I fell of a ladder whilst assisting my husband in hanging up lighting and hurt my knee,
I'm off work the entire week and I hope it will heal quickly because it is a pain in the, well yeah, knee.

Here is my deskshot this morning

where you can see a Kuretake watercolor set (isn't it wonderful?)
which I ordered for the Wanderlust classes.
(every excuse to order new supplies is good enough)
I just completed the color swatch that is inside the lid,
the Japanese lettering is a nice bonus as was the japanese newspaper it was wrapped in, 
definitely will be showing up in my work soon.

Some of you  wanted to see the whole holder for my icads,
in fact it is just a simple picture holder that was laying in the cubet for years.

Here are this week's somethings on display in that holder,
as you can see I just cut up that masterboard and left it at that.

Also, some were curious on what I will be doing with all 365 icads,
well, I am using bookrings to create a gratitude book out of them, 
so on the back of each card I write every day what I am grateful for that day,
each line will be one year.

That's all from me, 
thx for your visit,
and see you soon.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Hello and welcome,

it's time again 
(actually I am already 1 day overdue) 
to show you my next 7 somethings. 
I started out by creating a masterboard, 
which was so much fun and turned out so colorful:


which I then simply cut into 10x15 cm pieces:








Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Hello and welcome fellow deskers on the last day of February,

We are all here thanks to our kind host Julia from The Stamping Ground.

My desk did see some more action then last week.
(apologies for the dark picture, forgot to turn on the lights)

I am currently working on this week's somethings, 
I prepared a masterboard 
which I will be cutting into 10x15cm pieces.

In the holder you see last week's somethings, 
which I kept fairly simple:
torn bookpages from a dictionary I used way back for the alpha/dictionary challenge over at The Craft Barn and some stamped images.

Here's a collage of all 7 of them,
want to see all 56, just click on the 365somethings tab above.

I also did manage to sit down and have a go on the grungy gelli printing,
here are some samples of that session

with this one being my absolute favorite.

What have you been up to?
I'll find out now as I make my way to all your wonderful desks.
thx for stopping by and have a lovely day, 
here it will be a very cold one.